The Great Wakering Memorial Hall, High Street, Great Wakering, Essex, SS3 0EF

01702 476087 / 07969 578871

Wakering Spiritual Centre

Our Guest Medium for 14th October

Robin Warner

Doors Open at 7pm

Clairvoyance begins at 8pm

£4.00 entry fee

(all welcome and proceeds go to charity)

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Testimonials & Thanks..

Good Hosts:-


Thank you Rita and Stuart, for all the love and support you both give to everybody that comes to the centre, whether it is their first night or they have been coming for years like me. The amount of work that you do and the help that you give to people both spiritually and physically you will not get in any other centre.

I have made a lot of good friends down the centre and at the workshops, and you two are top of that list. You are both brilliant mediums, and we are all looking forward to the 30th September when you are both working.


Don't ever change we all love you just the way you are.





An Evening of Clairvoyance with Bill Rich at Shoebury Spiritual Centre:-


I go to the centre nearly every Thursday and I love it.  


My Nan and I went to see Bill Rich last night and he was fantastic!! Bill gave my Nan a message from her parents which she has longed for many years, the evidence Bill gave was so overwhelming my Nan got very choked.


The experience has definitely given my Nan a new perspective on faith as she is a Jehovah witness.


Thank you Rita and Stuart because without you both there would be no centre.


All my love






"Fledgling Night":-


On Thursday 4th August we held our very own fledgling night, we had Val, Vicky, Lionel, Chris, Tina, Rosemary, Mac, Bridie and Donna working on rostrum.


All gave out lovely messages, we even saw messages bring a tear to the eye to some individuals in the audience. Each provided so much clear evidence and described loved ones in the spirit world perfectly that it proved to all there is life after death!


We would like to thank them all for a wonderful evening and to say how very proud of them we are!!


Love you all


Stuart & Rita


x x x x  



Love Thursday Evenings:-


I have been going to the centre for many years now, I first went to the centre when it was at the Shoeburyness Hotel near East Beach. RITA and STUART are a fantasic couple and brilliant mediums, always there for all that go, they say that everyone that goes are their second family! We all have a great night plenty of laughter.









Rita & Stuart are wonderful people & I am honoured to call them my friends. They do so much for others without thought for themselves. The centre is a warm & friendly place where everyone is made welcome.


It would not be the same without them.


I thank spirit for bringing them into my life & enriching it so much.


Lots of love to you both





Anniversary of Father Passing:-


It was the 3rd anniversary of my Dads passing and I went to the Shoebury Spiritual Centre as usual, but this time I was feeling extremely low and upset. Bill Rich was the medium for that evening and he came to me, my heart was breaking and I started to cry. The message I received was fantastic and helped me through a very bad time in my life.


I feel so much better now and the depression has lifted.


Without the Shoebury Spiritual Centre, there is no way I would have got that message and learnt how to smile again.


The people at the centre have become my 2nd family and welcome anyone with open arms.


This is thanks to Rita & Stuart who are always there for us and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.





Renewal of Faith (Facebook Entry):-


Don't often get a chance to come on a Thursday - but always come away with renewed faith!





Private Reading with Stuart & Rita:-


We had an amazing reading with Rita and Stuart tonight who gave us so much time and information which was so comforting and brought so many of our relatives to us . It has helped us a lot to understand what has happened and further strengthened our belief in the spirit world and our relationship with it.


Thank-you xxx