The Great Wakering Memorial Hall, High Street, Great Wakering, Essex, SS3 0EF

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Wakering Spiritual Centre

To all our lovely friends at Watering Spiritual Centre, Stuart and Rita would like to wish you all an incredibly happy and healthy new year.

They would like to thank you all for your support over the years, plus a big thank you to all the mediums who have travelled to Wakering and worked with spirit.

We miss you all very much and as soon as we can open again, we will.

If you know of anyone who needs healing, please contact us.

Don’t forget if you need us for anything, we are only at the end of the phone for you.

Take care and stay safe xx

As you are all aware we recently moved to Great Wakering on the 14th August, with this move came the new name Wakering Spiritual Centre.


We are excited with the amount of new faces we have seen over the past few weeks, furthermore we are equally delighted that so many of our friends have continued to support us and make the extra journey to our new location.


This relocation and restructure has meant that we have been able to put into motion the many initiatives that we have been wanting to practise for a long time.


That being said, we would like to say a massive thank you for our resident healers, who each week take time out of their busy day to day lives to be there and support us and provide healing to those that desperately need it.


Additionally a massive thanks also to those that assist in welcoming and promoting our weekly raffle and to those that provide refreshment and snacks. Both these entiities help provide a warm, welcoming and loving environment.